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One of the most important elements of quality assurance in higher education is transparency. In addition to transparency, the Course Information Package (CIP) of Erciyes University will also provide important contributions to practice better planned education, provide adequate program acquirements of students, recognition, accountability and easing mobility in higher education. As a result of these, through increasing the quality of higher education, the mission of the CIP is to contribute to the training of students, who are academically and professionally competent graduate in their fields. The realization of this mission is only possible through carrying out the CIP as accurately as possibe and reflecting it all on educational activities in highter education. In the direction of this objective, for the formation of program qualifications, alumni questionaires and external partners questionaires were used along with national higher education qualifications. Similarly for the formation of course learning outcomes and ECTS, student questionaires were used in addition to the course content.


EU Bologna Process
The Council of Hhigher Education Bologna Process
Turkey Higher Education Qualifications Framework
National Agency